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O L   I    V    I    A

Actor, Director, and Creative Spark 

Abstract Paint
"... a mature, well-rounded theatre practitioner who approaches her work with a gleeful sense of play and a hint of mischief."

David Gram, Oakland University

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Olivia Kiefer VoiceOver Reel
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Olivia Kiefer Acting Reel 2022// SEX EDUCATION & OZARK
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    In times of frigid isolation, the best feeling comes from the shared warmth of a human experience. Additionally, as a young woman, the female dilemma from the perspective of female identifying individuals is a necessary subject to explore. What does it mean to act in a world that has historically qualified you as passive? And stories of absurd or truly off-beat making have me thinking this is real. I strive to deliver these moments to audiences as both an actor and a director through stories that circle around ensembles of women who have something pertinent to say about the society surrounding them. Dark, comedic, heady or absurd art that depicts how society judges, persecutes, and affects women: this is my bread and butter.  As this is how I view my own world and my own story; what is storytelling if not sharing a little piece of yourself with the world?

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