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O L   I    V    I    A

Actor, Director, and Creative Spark 

Abstract Paint
"... a mature, well-rounded theatre practitioner who approaches her work with a gleeful sense of play and a hint of mischief."

David Gram, Oakland University

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Olivia Kiefer VoiceOver Reel
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Olivia Kiefer Acting Reel 2022// SEX EDUCATION & OZARK
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Olivia Kiefer Acting Reel 2022// SEX EDUCATION & OZARK

Emily “Our Town” - Olivia Kiefer
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Emily “Our Town” - Olivia Kiefer

Olivia Kiefer - Rosalind (As You Like It, III.v.)
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Olivia Kiefer - Rosalind (As You Like It, III.v.)

Lysistrata - Olivia Kiefer
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Lysistrata - Olivia Kiefer

the Artist

       Born and grown in the southeastern part of Michigan, Olivia has lived most of her life in the suburbs of towns; not too big and not too small. After spending her childhood in sparkly dance costumes and recruiting (read as begging) her sisters to be actors or models for her own creative endeavors, Olivia decided there was nothing more she wanted to do in the world than tell stories. So, in the not too big and not too small town of Rochester, Michigan, Olivia pursued her BFA in Acting at Oakland University under the tutelage of professors who Olivia had seen in performances at local theaters in her youth. While some may see staying where you grew up as a ‘failure to launch’, Olivia finds that community is something she longs for, and that the state of Michigan has much to offer in terms of the theatrical community. The people she studied with were smart, caring, and highly curious about stories they had not heard of before. They enjoyed doing ‘the work’, which spoke to Olivia’s soul as a creative mind.

Olivia now wishes to create art that speaks to a new generation of storytellers; to inspire young people like herself.


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Olivia, the Artist
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